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our joy & wellness matters and it overflows into our walk & work

When’s the last time you went on a slow nature walk, where you weren’t pressed to rush back home, meet anyone or do anything else right after? 
Nature walks and your health

Quality of life. More and more, it seems we’re all being reminded about what that is and how much it matters to each gifted day and our overall journey…
Improve Your Quality Of Life | Deep Breaths, Long Walks, Healthy Thoughts
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Quiet moments are becoming more rare and valuable in an ever-growing noisier-by-the-minute world where news is blaring, playlists are pumping, IG stories are baton-passing, gadgets are always going, and phones pinging in stereo. 

A Good Read, A Hot Drink & Quiet Time

Passport in purse.
Bills and coins from different countries tucked in one drawer, just in case.
Adapters and converters to suit any socket – pre-packed.
A fluid calendar and easy-to-reach bright pink mini suitcase, with a larger matching option depending on the trip.
This was how life looked for me, not so long ago. Just before I started this blog, actually.
Travel has always been a part of my life – well, ’til now…
Working From Home After Traveling Constantly

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When you enjoy what you do, it can be tough to press pause for a moment. 

At first glance, the work-from-lifestyle can seem inviting, luxurious or totally relaxing. If you’re someone who’s driven by checking off boxes on a daily to-do list, exhilarated by constant movement and flashing faces, challenged about setting parameters for your business or honestly have a lot of cherished ones and things to tend to on a daily basis, it can be hard to draw the line or differentiate between work-life and home living. 

Tending To Your Wellness While Working At Home | Things To Consider For Refreshment

Have you ever had a moment or walked through a season when you knew what you were called to do – a time when you understood how you serve best, shine brightest and live lightest?

What’s your beautiful design?

What are some activities that harmonize with whom you’re made to be? Not necessarily who you aspire to be (because that can change with seasons) but who you’re uniquely moulded to be. They don’t have to be glamorous or high-volume at all. In fact, they’re more likely to be things you can do without feeling the need to idly check your phone, look at the time constantly or measure its value by money.

Is there purpose in the pace you’ve set? If you haven’t thought much about that until now, no worries – just an invitation to think about the bpm of your life, your to-do list and your innate essence.

Have you ever thought about the time it takes or the distance your food has travelled before it makes it to your plate?
11 Reasons To Visit A Farm & Pick Your Own Produce | Relaxx While Shopping Outdoors
Have you ever had a moment or walked through a season when you knew what you were called to do – a time when you understood how you serve best, shine brightest and live lightest?
What’s Your Beautiful Design | Remembering Your Essence (Encouragement)
A little question for you if that’s alright – it links to today’s blog post and either way, the answer isn’t for me but more so to help you get more clarity:
Do you enjoy your home? I haven’t always, so please don’t feel embarrassed or ‘on the spot’ if you don’t right now. Any amount of variables (that can change for the better) could contribute to that. It doesn’t have the be the fanciest house in the most pristine area or the most furnished or organized apartment to be the place you enjoy and appreciate returning to on a daily or regular basis.
Refreshing Your Work-At-Home Experience With Outdoor Adventures