A new course for women who aspire to Write and Share Online

Hey sis, do you have a message to share and a goal to start your own blog? Sweet!

I‘d love to help encourage and equip you through “Blogging Essentialsonline course designed for women who aspire to write and share online. 💻

A lot of women have shared their goal to start a blog and expressed the hesitation they feel when it comes to “knowing when to take the first step,” being clear about what to write about and finding enough topics to share on.

Being a blogger requires proactivity and gusto – we all have doubts from time to time, but those punks aren’t to be fed and fueled. Sis, if you’re called to share a message…and you believe that message can help, encourage, or educate others, a blog is a fabulous way of connecting, sharing, and building a community along the way.

Whether you’re interested in sharing your expertise or insight on a particular topic, offering encouragement to people overcoming a specific challenge, highlighting a social need or offering support to a specific group of people, or looking to showcase your poetry, travel pics, artwork, home decor journey, jewellery, or family adventures, a blog is a springboard for your message and a means of growing a community of readers interested in the content you share. Community matters, otherwise we who write might as well be keeping stacks of scribbled journals in cupboards.

Blogging Essentials” is a WordPress-oriented online course.

You’ll get:

  1. Blogging EssentialseBook (as a printable resource for reference)
  2.  3 video lessons walking you through the blog-mapping-and-building process (live weekly webinars)
  3. audio clips (by e-mail)
  4. Writing prompt assignments, to help you prepare 20 posts in advance
  5. Insight into keyword applications to increase visibility without pomp
  6. a video tutorial showing you how to manage and schedule content for your blog
  7. tips on how to promote your blog and build your audience via social media, in a way that aligns with your character


The fee to enrol in “Blogging Essentials” and launch your online writing platform is now:

Usd.$247. | Bds.$494.

Register today, as this course is open only a few times a year.

To make it easier for you, there are 4 payment options:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Wire Transfer / Direct bank deposit
  3. In-person payment (our office is on the west coast of Barbados.)

This course focuses on:

  • identifying what you’re called to share
  • creating content in advance – building your topic list
  • finding your writing “voice”
  • identifying and appreciating your ideal audience
  • choosing a template, mapping your categories and setting your writing rhythm
  • step-by-step blog building – adding posts & pages + assigning keywords
  • prepping, posting, publishing & promoting your first blog post


Registration is now open for the month of October, and this course is also available as an in-person workshop. Yes, I’m ready to enrol!

Your message matters, and your voice counts 

Online course + ebook (3)

Yes, I’m ready to enrol!

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Hi sweet sis, your life has a purpose way beyond your to-do list. Joyful Life On Purpose is meant to be a refreshing place to visit online sharing content steps for the creatively-inclined and refreshment reminders for everyday life. If you're called to reset the quality, pace and volume of your life for the better, there's lots of inspiration here. Join the journey for gentle notes with Indra, a writer, singer, and publishing entrepreneur from Barbados (now on a travel stint in the U.K.) As a teen, she almost gave up on life. Now as a woman saved by grace, she lives with purpose, writing, recording, enjoying nature walks and managing one of the leading Caribbean blogs. Subscribe for firsthand updates on new posts, music highlights, guest features and tropical recipes along the way.

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