Indra is a singer, songwriter and multi-disciplined artist from The Caribbean island of Barbados. She has been featured in the areas of song, dance, visual art, and poetry and grew up in a household that was open to her Trini mum’s parang rehearsals and travellers throughout the year. As a teenager, Indra’s talents for singing and songwriting were recognised by the legendary artist Eddy Grant who became a musical mentor, producing two albums released on his Ice Records label.

She went on to become one of the most prolific backing vocalists in the Caribbean and was chosen to represent the Caribbean as an acoustic folk artist at several music expositions worldwide including Midem (France), WOMEX (Denmark), SXSW (USA), WSIS (Switzerland) & CME (Jamaica). In addition to a thriving singing career, she has toured extensively throughout Europe, North America, and the Caribbean and now runs one of the leading Caribbean lifestyle blogs Its Joy Within.

Indra lived in Jamaica for a time, working as a songwriter for artists such as Nadine Sutherland, Luciano and Mr. Vegas, for whom she wrote several songs on his album including the hit song, Sweet Jamaica‘ which charted #1 on MTV Africa & #1 in the German Reggae Charts, #1 BBC 1Xtra and #7 Billboard reggae charts. She also recorded songs with Rory StoneLove such as ‘Journey’ which received great support by David Rodigan on BBC radio.

After much travelling, Indra moved back to Barbados, living in the countryside and spending the days farming, hiking, recording in her home studio and fine-tuning her homecooking skills. In 2021, Indra travelled to Europe & recorded ‘Kingdom Call’ album with producer Kris Kemist of UK based label Reality Shock Records and in 2022 travelled to Jamaica to complete the project started with StoneLove. ‘Kingdom Call‘ (released in February 2023) is a balanced blend of acoustic roots and refreshing reggae and features songs like “So Blessed,” “Shine On You” and “Plant Up The Land.” The marathon songwriter also recently released “Promised Land” (produced by Shaolin Sound) available on vinyl and is scheduled to sing at Eddy’s Grant’s 75th birthday event this March 2023 in Barbados Read more…


“Walk in love and keep a clean heart
Every day’s a chance to make a brand new start 
Watch that pride that tries to hide sometimes 
Stir up the love an’ let it bubble and rise 
Stay inside of the light 
Try to live right – walk by faith not by sight – unite  
When those dark days come
Keep shining ya light
And jussa seeking wisdom (cause you are)…SO BLESSED”

“Kingdom Call” album is now available online

  1. Fresh Wata 2. So Blessed 3. Shine On You 4. Peace Of Mind 5. Plant Up The Land 6. Tables Turned 7. Cold World 8. Wolves 9. For The Remnant 10. Wake Up Call 11. Rising Up 12. Highest

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