There’s a purpose for your life way beyond what you have, know and do…but, deep down you already know this…

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And so, Joyful Life | Creative Calling shares refreshment reminders for your joy and wellness and content steps for your creative home business…because you are more than a career and your life has a reason beyond your to-do list.

You are a living, breathing, perfectly loved creation with a calling – not an ox; not a workhorse and not a robot. I’m here to encourage you to live light even in tense times and to…

Remember your beautiful design

Joy within is designed to be a refreshing place for sisters who want to walk in purpose, find joy in everyday moments, fine-tune their content skills while at home, and serve from a place of refreshment. Not that I’m an expert on this, but as a former ‘hot footer‘ and frequent flyer, learning how to set a healthier pace to live a lighter life has become a valuable lesson. Guys are welcome here too; just know i’m not raising my voice or pointing a finger – more sharing with sisterly love. We’re designed differently but loved equally, so your presence here is nice too.

Make room in your life for joy because whether you do or don’t, it shows and overflows into our walk, work and ways.

When you think about your purpose, priorities, gifts, skills, intricacies and character, what does the design of your day and rhythm of life look like?

After taking a break from travel and living with a hustle-mindset, i was called to get quiet and purposefully launched this blog from Barbados in March 2013…to an audience of 1. It now reaches readers in more than 90 countries. After being a busy background singer, library manager, creative freelancer and voice-over talent, i invested in recording gear and songs jotted down (over years) in a notebook climbed onto some international charts – now showcase my visual art at exhibitions in seasons, get to feature guests on this blog and am in the studio recording new songs for you.

Those things might sound fancy (and yes, they are bright highlights), but a big thing i’m grateful for is a renewed mind, the pace reset and improved quality of life (by grace) that freed up more gifted time for what matters most, while being mostly at home. Now quiet time, nature walks, writing marathons, drawing, deep breathing, gardening and home cooking aren’t things to be squeezed into the day; they’re essential to how God designed me and just as enjoyable as being in the studio or onstage.

What kind of precious moments and refreshing activities harmonize sweetly with who you are created and called to be, sis? Don’t be rough with or critical of yourself if you don’t remember or they’re not in the picture right now, ok? Like a tool has a use and set of instructions that’s best explained by the inventor, you were made on purpose with purpose – so it’s always best to ask The Maker.

When you have a chance, think about it, make a note and take a step closer towards walking in your purpose and recognizing the design of the beautiful, unique creation you are. Little note: as you list the things to add, make sure to identify the things to release (that includes mindset, attitude, company, thoughts and words you declare over your life.)

Just like how skin shines brighter after a good exfoliation session, we live lighter when we shed anything that’s dead, including our patterns, selected memories, vain imaginations and behaviour.

Our pace of life can influence our quality of life.

‘Your Business Is Not Your Bae’

There’s nothing standing in the way of your blog and creative calling blossoming…

I had met Indra in the past and though we didn’t get to talk much, I was always stunned by her talent and presence. God linked us again recently and Indra helped me by giving me confidence in myself as a person and in my potential work as a new blogger. Her kindness, poise and professionalism gave me the fuel I needed to kickstart my mind into a new way of thinking. I am now more productive than I could have been without her erasing my doubts. I am taking baby steps but steps nonetheless! I definitely recommend Indra for any entrepreneur, young or old who is looking to expand their way of thinking and broaden their field of authentic work. If you are looking for someone to boost you while giving you great advice, this is who you want to talk to!LoveTimeTravels

Indra’s approach comes from a place of love, passion and kindness.” ~ Niqa

Indra has sung at 5+ resorts, music festivals, weddings, charity events, an orphanage, writers’ events, memorials, national parks, and a prison concert. She writes a lot, features guests on Joywithin podcast, and is in the studio recording while enjoying the kitchen, garden and nature walks.


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