There’s a purpose for your life way beyond what you have, know and do…deep down, you already know this…

Remember your beautiful design.

I’m Indra, a writer, singer, and homecook from Barbados, called to be more grateful with each gifted day. I hope you find refreshment, encouragement and inspiration here on this online cosy corner called ItsJoyWithin.

Joy within is designed to be a refreshing place for sisters determined to walk in purpose, pour joy in everyday moments, and make good use of the gifted time, mind, land, talents and rest we are blessed with.

Not that I’m an expert on this, but on a quest to live more grateful and present each day, by grace. As a former ‘hot footer‘ and frequent flyer, learning how to set a healthier pace to live a lighter life has become a valuable lesson. Guys are welcome here too; we’re designed differently but loved equally, so your presence here is a blessing too.

When we make room in our life for joy it shows and overflows into our walk, work and ways.

After taking a break from travel and living with a hustle-mindset, I was called to get purposefully quiet and this blog was launched in March 2013…to an audience of 1. Since then, it has reached readers in more than 90 countries. Life went from spending a lot of time on the road and in vocal booths (with beach & dance class in between) to living on a farm in the countryside of Barbados, growing food, cooking and hiking regularly for years. Though I’ve moved since then, the lessons learned still serve as healthy reminders to this day.

I’m grateful for the pace reset and improved quality of life that freed up more gifted time for what matters most, while being mostly at home.

What kind of refreshing activities harmonize with who you truly are, and how can they help you prepare to thrive in and beyond these trying times? Don’t be rough with or critical of yourself if you don’t remember or they’re not in the picture right now. Think about it and take a step closer towards walking in purpose and recognizing the design of the beautiful creation you are. As you list the things to add, make sure to identify the things to release.

Pace yourself well, sister. You are not an ox, workhorse or robot. You are a living, breathing, perfectly-loved creation with a purpose. Because of that, there are countless distractions strategically placed along your path to try steal your joy and derail you from walking well and living light. Don’t let them. Stay awake and be proactive about guarding your mind and living calm even amidst a world of chaos and ever-changing circumstances.

On that note, it’s good to ‘see’ you here. Have a look at the blog filled with refreshing wellness posts, get some creative motivation, try the recipe ideas, enroll in a coaching session, subscribe if you’re inspired to join the journey and stay tuned for more music and videos coming your way.

Album on the way

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