Joy: overflowing with thankfulness…in those seemingly simple everyday moments and even in stormy seasons we have the grace to endure and overcome. It doesn’t have to be loud and bubbly to exist; joy can also be a calm sense of contentment – not complacency…more like a steady river of gratitude that flows within and beyond ever-changing circumstances of life. At least that’s how I understand it.

Hi, I’m Indra, a writer, singer, home gardener and cook from Barbados.

If you ever went through any kind of challenge that brought you to your knees or tried to snuff you out, you understand how precious peace of mind, redeemed time and a fresh sense of purpose are. I hope this blog is a refreshing and resourceful place you to visit, sweet sister. Guys are welcome here too. We’re made differently yet loved equally, so you being here is a blessing still.

The journey here

It was a big challenge at the time, but I was called to get purposefully quiet and start this blog in March 2013. Life went from being busy on the road in studios, rehearsals, coaching and tour-guiding to living on a farm in the countryside of Barbados songwriting, gardening, cooking, hiking, managing libraries, recording in my home studio, growing my faith and starting this blog. During that time, I volunteered on a farm and the lessons learned there…read more here.

When you love what you do it can be hard to press pause sometimes, but if quality and pace of life comprise your essence, health or joy and stop you from serving well, well…that’s something else…and if you catch yourself rushing to ‘relax’, something’s up.

Remember your beautiful design

Pace yourself well, sweet sister. You’re not an ox, workhorse or robot and life doesn’t have to look impressive to others to be a blessing. You are a living, breathing, perfectly-loved creation with a purpose. Because of that, there are distractions strategically placed along your path to try steal your joy, press a panic button, get on your last nerve, challenge your faith and derail you from walking well, which none of us can do without daily help and gifted breath by the Most High.

“Please don’t try to hide

The beauty that’s inside you

Don’t you be ashamed

Of your natural nurturing nature

O sister, you have a purpose in the kingdom

True beauty is not outside

It starts within

And that light that you carry

is deeper than your skin

All I’m asking is for you to know you are a gift…”

So Blessed” – ‘Walk in love and keep a clean heart / every day’s a chance to make a brand new start / Watch that pride that tries to hide sometimes / stir up the love an’ mek it bubble and ah rise…’

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