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singer, blogger, and entrepreneur helping creative ladies fine-tune their voice and shape a thriving business they fully enjoy.

When you love what you do, you can sometimes forget it’s work, and leave moments of refreshment out of the picture.

It’s time to stop spinning and start winning, sis.


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Coming from and living in Barbados (where many come to relax and ‘free-up’), I’m reminded to appreciate and enjoy the tropical ambience, beautiful views and interesting venues the island has to offer, even when the pace is up…

What are some of the things you enjoy about wherever you are? Are you purposely carving out time to include them in the design of your day? This isn’t an exam; just a gentle question along with a light reminder that your health, wellness and joy matter.

In 2012, when I pressed pause on a lifelong travel journey to start working (mostly) from home, it was a challenge that brought a new set of lessons, a fresh set of skills and time to start and maintain this blog.

You can miss a lot when you’re constantly on-the-go.

It wasn’t easy – the tempo change and work-from-home lifestyle. It was a challenge that blossomed into an invitation to re-discover the beautiful island I’m from and see it in a new light.

Enter ‘Joy withinblog in March 2013, which started as a one-page assembly of poems, garden harvests, recipes and pics from outdoor adventures. Now, with 200+ posts of content and readers from 24+ countries (thank you!), what started as an online writing hobby at a tough time has grown into an enjoyable activity hosting a resource hub that serves the creative freelancer community.

Time can fly when you’re being creative, and growing a business takes time. The freelancer business lifestyle allows you to make room (purposefully) for activities you wouldn’t have time for in a strictly corporate setting. It’s not an effortless smooth-sailing journey that suits any and everyone, but you do get to consciously weave work and wellness together.

Do you have a tendency to overwork, roll your eyes at the idea of rest, yet frequently feel frazzled or burnt out with lots of to-dos to tend to?




Want to develop your own content skills and re-design your career in harmony with your wellness? Check out the blog for steps and tips to equip the creatively-inclined. Already in, or soon travelling to Barbados? Come join our business over brunch refreshing session at the next Sparkle” workshop.


Let’s make the connection between business and wellness because you are so much more than products, services, dollars and cents and your life has a purpose beyond to-do lists.   Read and listen to stories of 20 women (from 6 destinations) who shine through their gifts with grace and share encouragement for life and business, in the ‘CELEBRATE A SISTER’ series.


I almost eeked all the joy

out of my artistry working around the clock 24/7…until a wake-up call came.

It wasn’t until I lightened the grip on my dream to only be a singer

that I remembered the passion for writing and discovered

the adventure of blogging, which led to a career in content and publishing


Your creative gifts and an endless river of grace can propel you places in life & online.

She is one of our favourite panellists!” – Ebonnie Rowe (Founder of HoneyJam)


On that note, what service you’re interested in booking today






In every department she ranks among the best there is, and I find no difficulty in saying…she is the best and most naturally gifted female artist to have arrived on the Caribbean scene. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the rest of the world acknowledges that the same should be said for everywhere.” – Eddy Grant (C.E.O. Ice Music Ltd & Related Companies, music mentor) Ice Records Ltd.

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Songwriting: #1MTV Africa, #1 German reggae charts, #1 BBC 1Xtra, #5 U.K reggae charts, #5 David Rodigan’s “Hot Hits” list, #7 Billboard reggae, Nominated for B.M.A’s Best Inspirational/Gospel song 
Fun facts: travelled to 20+ destinations so far, started a detective agency at 4, yes to Spanish – jack russell owner


JOY within