When you enjoy what you do, it can be tough to press pause for a moment. 

At first glance, the work-from-lifestyle can seem inviting, luxurious or totally relaxing. If you’re someone who’s driven by checking off boxes on a daily to-do list, exhilarated by constant movement and flashing faces, challenged about setting parameters for your business or honestly have a lot of cherished ones and things to tend to on a daily basis, it can be hard to draw the line or differentiate between work-life and home living. 

After all, your office, studio, desk or creative area is right thereliterally steps away. The laundry and dishes in the sink might be too. Maybe even be in your line-of-sight right now. The workaholic rhythm can be exhilarating – until it’s not. Or until it takes a toll on health, mood, sleep cycle, purpose, or quality of life, relationships, or it tries to cloud a sense of purpose. (Note: if your brain wants to drift to and concentrate on that point – if it’s a challenge area for you, speak life over it right now. It’s a bus-stop thought. Onto the next step. We’re growing forward.)

Pacing vs Rushing

Today’s topic touches on a few key points that help us maintain a healthy pulse during the day while working from home. Some refreshing things to consider for any former hot-footers, busy-bodies or present over-workers. Speaking of pace, please don’t rush through the points coming up, especially if anything feels heavy. Take your time, ok?

Is your journal or notebook nearby? (In case you want to pour out on paper.) 

  • Quiet time
  • Movement
  • Eating pattern
  • Rest rhythm
  • Hobbies
  • Quality Time
  • Health Considerations
  • Joy factor

I remember feeling ‘on top of the world’ when I was really at the end of my rope, packing days like a Jegna game tower knocking things off a to-do list that looked more than a foot-long scroll than a planner.

Of course, we have days when the pace is up and we’re replenished daily by grace and fueled with favour. This is more about our overall rhythm of life; it’s not meant to be rushed. Life is already a vapour. Both time and you are precious.

Have you ever observed a hummingbird? Not seen one – but noticed one fly by…and watched one land to rest. They do it several times during the day and usually have a set circuit with specific branches to perch on. Then – whoosh! Over and out. 

see it?

They’re known for their high speed, but I had never considered that they actually slowed down – on and with purpose, before watching it happen 8 years ago.

Beyond all that, rest is a part of our beautiful design

Invitation & things to consider

Let’s walk through some gentle questions to get acquainted with where we are – wellness and business-wise today. Not to get puffed-up or let down by what we find, but to be better informed about where we are on the Richter scale in terms of emotional and career health as we work from home.

Just like the guards now checking for temperature in stores and businesses, let’s do a temperature check to see what’s up or down.

Quiet Time

Is that important to you? Do you enjoy some each gifted day? Are mornings a key part of your quiet time in The Word too? 

Mentioned it a lot on this blog, but a little note: the contents and responsibilities of our lives may look different, and so may our quiet time. Yours might be time in prayer as you wake up or cleaning a room while listening to audio. We’re not competing. Hopefully, we’re growing simultaneously. God has no favourites among His beloved children. 

Next up…


Do you make a note to stretch or do you log steps taken on a daily basis?

Have a home workout routine that you stick to, for the most part?

Motivational tip: It’s hard to stay upset when you start brisk-walking – emptying your mind of toxic thoughts and breathing in heavenly promises with each purposeful step.

There may be days when a productive gardening marathon or brisk walk equals your exercise session. If you’re having challenges emotionally, about working from home in this season, some time on the balcony or working in the garden can help your refresh your state of mind for the better

Space is relative. 

Your garden, yard or patio is actually another space outside of (yet still a part of) the home. You get to enjoy it without the hassle of getting ready to deal with shifting bus times, road traffic or mask wearing. A brisk walk around the neighbourhood can be like an adventurous hike when you take the scenic route.

‘Your thing’ could be a stretching series in the morning – whatever the expression and rhythm of your daily (gifted) movement, commit to it. At that moment, you are in your gym…that also happens to be your living room.

Don’t have a pair of light weights at home? Well, a gallon bottle of water works well and weighs 8.345lbs.

Eating pattern

Are you cooking and drinking water more in this season? When you were out and about more, did you go to more fast food spots, street stalls, restaurants, and delis or is that still a part of your regime now? More home-cooking with a little take-out ordering in between?

With the amount of food choices, meal plans, fasting missions, and preferred palettes on the social media menu these days, I’m more encouraging you to eat what works well for your health in this season; not suggesting any one-size fits-all food formula. 

Just something to consider – are you eating well? Not a lot, but well.  

What comes out of our mouths matters most, so when it comes to food, let’s feed our minds healthy food and speak words that nourish not deplete others. Can you hold me accountable on that one too, as you read through upcoming posts? Thanks in advance. Just yesterday I typed a somewhat defensive text that – if it were a meal, it wouldn’t have been made with much salt and light and was lacking the flavour of forgiveness. If we can’t eat what we dish out, it’s best left off the menu.

No point system here but it was another reminder that our words hold weight. Most time, it’s healthy to wait before we use them.

Ready for the next point? 

Rest rhythm

Are you sleeping well? Are you sleeping at all? Resting in a pocket during the marathon work days? Refreshed when you rise? 

Is it time for a tweak in your going-to-sleep rhythm? Mine could do with a slight adjustment at the moment. Early mornings yes, but a bit too much late night screen time in the mix. How about you? Could do with two slightly-chilled cucumber slices on those puffy eyes right about now?

Just before launching this blog, working around the clock in a 24hr music-service business used to make me feel so unconquerable, until I realized it was actually insomnia kickin’ in. By the way, insomnia has a cousin named irritability so make sure you don’t invite any of them over. They’re horrible guests.


Have any? Remember any?

Take some time to write down or type out at least three – fresh ones that make you smile inside are welcome.

Quality Time

It could be a weekly call, daily message of love and encouragement or purposeful time together- a kind word to a passing stranger or service rep.- a generous deed to someone in need. How are you called to connect and serve?

Considering any (temporary) health challenges 

Did you read the blog post about migraines here? So, every now and then – usually when stress tries to shoulder-shove its way into my life, migraines show up. This awareness that’s at times a distant memory, reminds me to (a) avoid stressful situations (b) drink a lot of water (c) pace myself (d) avoid a yelling lifestyle.

If you’re enduring and overcoming any physical health challenges at the moment, don’t elevate or empower them but please don’t be rough and reckless with yourself either. You know what you go through and hopefully understand the best environment for your health, potential triggers and intricacies.

The Joy Factor

Those moments you automatically take a full breath – those days you remember and walk in your purpose – those times when the Top 5 on your gratitude list spill over to #10, 11 and 12…those moments when tears of thankfulness overflow

You are more than your career.

In this current global climate, when money’s playing a major chord on the minds of many, it can be appealing to auction off time like it’s not a gift…but it is…and so are you. Don’t forget, ok?  Sharing a sisterly reminder and some things to consider for your wellness too because the fruit of that will overflow into our walk and work.

Nuff’ love

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