The Work From Home Lifestyle (encouragement)

Working from home was an expected lifestyle for many before it grew into a trend and most recently, a nationally recommended and socially appealing option.

The success of this approach is strongly influenced by and (in seasons) dependent upon each person’s ability to self-motivate and follow-through to completion.

Let’s look at the two keywords that stand out in the remote working scenario, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee:

1. Home

2. Work

On one hand, we have a set of recurring career tasks to take care of, and on the other, is the home to consistently tend to.

Content doesn’t write itself just like laundry can’t (yet) auto-fold. They need to be taken care of again and again.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it can actually be enjoyable but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Instead of a designated lunch break and one-size-fits-all work space, you have the choice to make a meal at any point during the day and shift to another work zone at home.

This isn’t a pitch; I enjoy working in a healthy, productive company group setting too, but since the questions keep rolling in about the freelancer workflow, and working-from-home is being implemented in more countries since Covid-19, sharing some tips and encouragement if you’re not sure how to start dancing to this new rhythm.

Did you read this post or this one? Here are some bright benefits to working from home.

Loving what we do and appreciating where we are with the time we have makes a huge difference in having a healthy work-from-home mindset and attitude.

Like any other work-in-progress we might have off-days when we roll our eyes, pelt up hands or feel the need to refresh our work-from-home experience…and that’s okay once it doesn’t become a pattern.

If you’re at your day job while reading this post, I’m sure you’re not the first or last employee to be spending a little time online during business hours, for something other than work. Hopefully this helps to soften your day and give some food for thought.

To the observer, working from home doesn’t look glamorous; probably because it’s often not. That said, I’ve worked for and with very wealthy creative entrepreneurs who have fancy properties in multiple countries, state-of-the-art supplies and top rides. They also tend to wear a lot of slippers and T-shirts.

But since when were we auditioning with the world over who has the most swanky life?

Social media can seem or be that way at times, but trying to impress others doesn’t have to be the purpose in our posting.

You are more than a business, sis. An editing marathon: words + footage . Every now and then, I had to give my eyes a rest; almost decided to work straight through but then…took a break from some fresh air and a sunset walk. Don’t push yourseld so hard you forget to nourish your essence in between.

More often than not, the words, “I work from home” don’t usually get the “ooohs” and “ahhhs,” but that’s not why anyone chooses to start a home-based business or work for a company remotely.

Some dream of it while others stumble upon it, make a decision to do it, or are pushed towards it. Then there are those who can’t fathom how anyone gets work done at home.

You’ll find out a lot about yourself when you work from home.

Tendencies will be revealed each day. Easily distracted? Need to upgrade organizational skills or find some recipes? Know your prime time for productivity? It’s a learning curve that can blossom into a life journey or a season that comes with lessons.

Whether you’re working from home as a entrepreneur or an employee, find the task-tempo, organizational structure and communication methods that work best for you, and help you work well for and with others.

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Gentle question for reflection or the comment section:

Does your life need to look exciting to others in order for you to appreciate it?

Note: Didn’t know what to write about with this global situation going on but i’m sharing compassion with anyone who is going through a crisis of any kind. This blog has readers from all over the map, so it’s very likely that someone who cares to show up here on is at the same time, going through something.

Tragedies have been happening all around the world; things like: hunger, poverty, strife between nations, sickness, challenges for the differently able, lack of clean water access, homelessness, and so much more that comes with a fallen world. It’s heartbreaking but don’t lose hope. God is still on the throne.


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20 thoughts on “The Work From Home Lifestyle (encouragement)

    1. Hey lovely, thanks for reading and hope to see you here again soon. There’s always a guest place here for you if or when you’d like to share some of your insight too 💐

  1. Loved this !
    Initially I really found it difficult to manage work from home, being constantly distracted by kids and loads of chores. But soon everything has fallen into place and I enjoy my zoom
    Meetings more 😝 now this is how I want to keep working for a few more months ! 😂

    1. That’s fabulous. You’re so right; it can be overwhelming at first but i’m so happy you’re enjoying it and getting work done.

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