Sharing one message through many social media avenues

Hey there, if social media is a key part of your online business plan, you’re likely to enjoy the fruit of today’s message.

Let’s talk about language, social media, message and community for a moment.

Alright so, in terms of platforms (not a fan of the word, but hey) we’ll walk through 7 today:

  1. YouTube
  2. WordPress blog
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Podcast

Each is an online venue where you can share info and reach your readers, listeners, clients, customers, collab besties, observers (and the odd ‘troll’ now and then.) Yet all social spaces aren’t the same.

From the groups, contacts and character limits to trending content, tags and algorithms, each social media spot has a ‘fingerprint’ though there are still some similarities.

When it comes to sharing one message through many social avenues using different lingo to reach one ideal audience, here are some points to note and consider (while being true to the essence of you):

1. YouTube: In a sea of sites and social profiles, video stands out as the closest thing to a face to face conversation, moving image presentation and effective message sharing method as we can have while being in separate locations.

Ideal for (but not limited to) fluent speakers, coaches and creative artists! You can script or outline your videos or design flashcards to help you deliver your message, or do a screencast video where your face isn’t seen but your voice or the narrator is heard.

Fun Fact: The channel I have now is my second and I’ve taken down videos filmed years ago, that reached over 120,000 views –  without one regret – gonna share why in a post soon.

2. WordPress: a blog is the ongoing voice of either your journal, business or community so a content-generating engine is important to keep up with content so that former, present and future clients can always log on, tap in and link up. Posts can be reasonably wordy or not, and there are options to include video and audio links in one go if you like.

Tip: WordPress also has a fabulous and helpful community of online writers, and remember – a blog is an invitational space, so it’s interactive.

3. Instagram: Here’s one social scene that’s more pro-pic that text-oriented. Prefer to share your message through a few well-paced and aesthetically presentable photos more so than consistent words? If so, this is your jam!

4. Twitter: This (+ YouTube)was one of my first online hubs when social media came to town. Ideal for introverts who care about people and know that connection is important in business, but would rather share a message or have a quick online conversation with limited words. Twitter allows fewer characters than Facebook for example. It used to be 140 and I think it’s up to 280 characters now (lemme get back to you on that one, or if you know already, please feel free to share in the comments.)

5. Facebook: On this platform, you’ve got writing room for about the time it takes to have ten deep breaths. Since it was around for so long, chances are you (like me) have somewhat of a kaleidoscope of contacts, from relatives and friends to business colleagues, former school peeps and friendly strangers so message-sharing can be a l’il odd to process how to approach it sometimes.

For entrepreneurs and group leaders, it’s helpful to have your personal profile and a creative artist or business page. Very often, there’s a cross-pollination of contacts who are on both of those spaces but at least one is more focused on personal and one more so on business.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to include a business note or invitation at times on your personal page, or at the very least mention it somewhere in your ‘About‘ line or bio description.

Some of your personal contacts may very well be interested in becoming or recommending clients or customers and they can only do that when they know what service or product you offer (without feeling pressured to purchase or sign up.)

6. LinkedIn: Are you on LinkedIn? I used to think it was the dullest and most digitally dry place online, but since observing the troll traffic towards others on some other platforms, I’ve come to really appreciate this business-oriented and commercially calm online community. Think group forums, job opportunities, corporate connections and brief, direct business conversations and this essentially – is LinkedIn land.

In terms of sharing your message, if it’s a particularly hype one, somewhere else is probably more appropriate. 600 text characters to commercial observers, potential investors and possible clients and colleagues.

7. Podcast: If you’re joining the community as a podcast host, you can decide on a tempo and duration that works for you. No need to be verbose or overwhelmed. You can publish episodes that are 2-minute pep-talks, record in-depth presentations, or host more lengthy half-hour interviews.

Know what best suits and serves your audience and your dependability. You can share with listeners in a more conversational way than your website content for example so they can get to know the actual voice and tone of the name or team behind the business. That way the message lifts off the screen – this can make a big difference…like calling an office and pressing numbers on a phone to ‘communicate’ with a digital recording or getting through to an actual living, breathing customer service rep.

You don’t have to compromise who you are to be present and represent your business on social media, and you surely don’t have to be on any and every platform (in general or at the same pace.)

That reminds me – here’s a post on ‘Picking A Platform and Setting Your Pace’. You can read it HERE.

Bonus info: Website: your approach to content presentation and amount of information on your online business office is up to you and your website developer. Knowing your audience and understanding how they best receive and process info in order to make buying, booking and referral decisions come in handy here.

Which is your prefered platform for business?



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“Sharing one message through many social media avenues using different lingo to reach one ideal audience” by Indra

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