Natural Artisanal Soaps For Super Sweet Skin (Meet Marsha of Atelier M – Skin Apothecary)

What a delight to introduce another special entrepreneurial guest as a highlight in the “Celebrate A Sister” series.

The other day, while on a very rare scroll through social media, I saw a beautiful pic of a product that caught my eye; it was posted by someone who’s transitioned from being a familiar face on national television to a correspondent with BBC, and is now a traveling Communications Consultant and the innovator of a natural line of products.

Today’s feature post is a triple dose of goodness, in that it’s a combo of audio, text, and pics. Prepping an introduction to celebrate a sister posts is always so exciting! It’s at points like these that I have to just get on with it – plus, the gems she shares in this audio recording are something to look forward to. Soooclick play, be encouraged, and join the celebration.

13:38 mins.

Meet Marsha, the brain and face behind “Atelier M – Skin Apothecary” – a new and already-in-demand line of handcrafted, fragrant, artisanal soaps.

innovator of Atelier M – Skin Apothecary

Y’all, the upcoming pics that Marsha kindly shared from her collection create an ambience where it’s like you can already smell the aroma of the products in real life – just by seeing the images of her handiwork. She also shares a heartwarming story to align with one of the soaps. I invite you to take some deep breaths as you read and join me in celebrating Marsha Branch and her business.

Chocolat” – When this bar comes to market, it’ll be packed with the essence of the Spice Isle.Rich Grenadian chocolate and nutmeg essential oil, cocoa butter, blended with purifying kaolin clay and cocoa absolute – a chocolate lover’s dream.

CocoRose‘ bath bomb: ‘CocoRose’ is a blend of pink and kaolin clays with coconut, olive and castor oils and cocoa butter. Scented with rose geranium and Amyris (also known as West Indian Sandalwood) essential oils and has the matching bath bomb, topped with organic, culinary rose petals.

connect with @marshabranch on instagram to view more pics and request products directly
CocoRose” before the cut
“Sweet Bottom” (brown & white) and “CocoRose” (below.) There’s a story to “SweetBottom” and it goes like this: “Check out that rich chocolate base, with added Barbados sugar, sitting as the foundation to a bar packed with the goodness of shea butter, virgin olive oil, and coconut oil (to name a few), and smelling like delicious Barbados Brown Mints. Yum! 😋 . This bar, a tribute to my granddad (who went off to be with the angels), once an overseer at Andrew’s Sugar Factory in Barbados; born and raised in the village of Sweet Bottom, where sugarcane fields lined the streets, and drinking crack licker and sucking cane juice straight from the stalk defined my summers as a child, and those of my mother, and my grand parents and great grand parents. . This bar, I christen “Sweet Bottom”, in memory of my beloved, my grand dad Arlington Moore, from his Marsha Boo. I love you grand dad. And I miss you more than any word ever created could express! xoxo”
‘Sweet Bottom’ before the cut (chocolate swirls on top)
Le bébé’ (French for ‘the baby.’) Formulated with fresh picked, organic aloe vera, coconut milk, virgin olive oil and stone ground colloidal oats, this bar, simple and pure, is perfect for the most delicate skin in the family.
Decadent in its simplicity. French pressed Jamaican BlueMountain Coffee with the grounds tossed in, to exfoliate your skin, leaving it baby soft. Coconut milk and cocoa butter cocoon you in moisture. And Barbados Plantation Reserve Sugar gives you an epic, non-drying lather. This is the latest test bar produced in the Atelier. And yes my love, I promise you, once you try it, you’ll never see coffee the same again!

Make the most of your gift. I know that there will be times when it feels impossible – there will be times when you are frustrated…sometimes your dream may seem like nothing more than that – just a dream… but it was given to you for a reason, and it wouldn’t have been given to you if there wasn’t a way to do it.”  Marsha Branch (Communications Specialist, entrepreneur and owner of Atelier M – Skin Apothecary)

Blog coming soon on Huffington Post. Follow on and Facebook to stay up to date. Photos included in this post by our feature guest.

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