A quiet Conversation In a Public Space | Food For Thought & Times To Come

So, i walked to the shop one day.

2 men were talking discreetly on the front step. As i approached, their voices lowered. At first, they looked over at me a bit suspiciously as if deciding if to cut the conversation short or not. i said, “mornin” or “afternoon” (don’t remember which one) – they replied the same then kept on talking, seemingly more relaxed now.

As i called to Mr. B and waited for my order, their voices drifted around the outdoor container shop. The hot topic they were talking about was the fact that they remember a time, not so long ago, when men and women knew they had different things each was and is naturally good at. They went on to share that they didn’t understand how and why things are changing so drastically, clearly influenced by outside forces.

i thought to myself – how odd yet understandable it was that 2 grown men felt compelled to talk in whispers (like they were afraid or at the very least, nervous) about what was a common fact, just 2 blinks ago.

It’s one thing to want to be appreciated and respected, and another to want to be scary and intimidating, causing grown folks to be fearful of speaking their mind.

P.S: If you see me a fumbling with a shopping basket or want to hold a door open for me, feel free. i won’t be offended. This topic isn’t up for debate (at least not on my side.) It’s shared with love that in times to come will be rebranded as hate…but it’s not.

Shared with love.

P.P.S: Strong (gentle) men, who aren’t swayed by the way of the world or intimidated by the trends of today – we need you. Please don’t ‘small down’ yourself just because the world is on a rampage trying to belittle your value and throw the order off-kilter. Some women are the willing tools for an agenda that doesn’t have any intention of including them in the times to come. Not every man is abusive monster and not all women are about ‘girl-power.’

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