Motivation by Kristy: “Be Empowered to be your Unique Self

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“Be Empowered to be your Unique Self.”

A tropical sunset, a spacious dance studio filled with dancers of all shapes, and a drum. Once you’ve ever been a student of dance maestro DannyDialloHinds, you never forget a face you’ve trained with for hours on end. While some of us in the group were toning up, this lady I’m about to introduce, was already sculpted and a shining yet humble example of fitness.

So, it’s no surprise to see, years later, she is the owner of a business circulating around Health, Fitness, and Wellness.

She addresses the many variations we women come in, and encourages us to celebrate the stage we’re at while we move toward the best we can be.

This is particularly important in an environment where obesity and diabetes are prevalent, and at a time (globally) when smart devices and digital lifestyles invite us to succumb to slouching and endless sitting. Her guest post shares insight I’m inspired to apply, and I hope the same goes for you. As a former vegan for 5 years and present fish-frier, this info is a (i) helpful resource (ii) template for healthy living, and (iii) welcome reminder.

Well, my friend, you’re about to get encouraged to embrace YOU at your best, starting where you are. No judgement; only encouragement.

On that note, it’s with much joy and appreciation that I’d like to introduce you to Kristy Hutchinson.


Meet Kristy Hutchinson  “ Uniquely You Fitness” on Facebook

“Be Empowered to be your Unique Self” – by: Kristy Hutchinson

“When thinking of a name for my fitness and weight management business, I threw out many ideas and listened to many suggestions. After careful thought and consideration, I concluded that (health goes beyond fitness). We are all special and need to be empowered to be the best we can be – whether tall, short, full figured or of slim build. Much of our make up is genetic so looking across at out neighbor to justify our body image is pointless. We must all strive to be Uniquely Fit. My clientele is predominately female and we strive to be not only heart healthy but mind healthy. When the mind is healthy everything aligns itself along the right path.

Wanting to encapsulate that being fit was not just a physical experience, I finally came up with the name : “Uniquely You“, which for me suggests that

our size should not determine our value as a person because we are all unique and well crafted.

Uniquely You Fitness” on Facebook

Kristy Hutchinson
Uniquely you Fitness
Phone no. / WhatsApp 236-9568
Email: | ” Uniquely You Fitness” on Facebook

Many woman have body image issues from a very early age which is brought on by external cues and comments which leave an indelible impression on young minds. We are forever tarnished by specific comments which were made concerning our figure and they way we should carry herself.
This is one of the head reasons why women are over critical of themselves and very rarely truly satisfied with self. The truth of the matter is that you must start by loving yourself and embracing who you are inside and out.

“We have become so focused on the external that we lose sight of the other attributes which go into  making up the building blocks of a truly beautiful person.”

I think that it is incredibly important for all women to embrace their uniqueness.

When it comes to weight management we lose our way by focusing solely on the external without recognizing how much we are often destroying our efforts from the inside.

“Great bodies are made in the Kitchen and fine tuned in the Gym.”

‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!’ However, the discipline associated with making these changes is a major hurdle to mount when there are so many ‘sinister’ food temptations… It is very hard to resist this multitude of goodies unless we can begin to understand and digest what they are doing to our insides, defeating the very goals that we are aiming to achieve i.e. shedding excess weight…

Here's "Food for thought" if you wish to take that UNIQUE JOURNEY to a better body

"If you want to change the fruits

You first have to change the roots.

If you want to change the visible

You first have to change the invisible."

(Quote Reference: - "")


  1. Our motto at Uniquely You is to:

    1) Motivate

    2) Edu-Train

    3) Empower


It is imperative that every workout program should start with a personal ‘written’ commitment to self acknowledging what you already know about your journey, what changes need to be made and how you intend to execute these changes.

This urges you to accept some responsibility for the outcome of your goals.

Recognize your need to be actively involved in the process while recognizing that everyone has a personal journey and there is no “one size fits all” answer to this challenging age old concern.

Whereas counting calories matters, as a rule of thumb, always remember that live foods (fruits and vegetables) are better for you (preferably raw or slightly cooked, so as not to destroy the nutrients)..and should be used in abundance. Lean protein is essential to build muscle, however carbohydrates (though good or energy) should be eaten in moderation.

There are a ton of diets plans to be found in books and over the Internet. The information is pervasive. MORE IMPORTANTLY, however, the key, is to change your mindset, rather than sticking to old self-defeating habits . Make every effort to avoid a downfall, while persevering to stay on course.

In closing….
Always remember these three (3) important points when stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve any goal(s) whether starting a new home, a new business or a new fitness regime

Realize …… making note of what needs to be done
Actualize … translating that thought into insightful action
Finalize …… sticking to the script and staying on track

Finally – Always enjoy the journey
Be Mindful
Be Knowledgeable
Be Courageous
Be Uniquely You

Contact Kristy:  
Kristy Hutchinson
Uniquely you Fitness
Phone no. / WhatsApp 236-9568

Join her Facebook page: Uniquely You Fitness

Thanks for sharing your precious time with us.  ~ Indra

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