Talk Show Host & Published Author shares on Broadcasting ~ {Guest post by: Careen Carlton}

Hi there, it’s time for a new feature in the “Celebrate A Sister’ series.
Our guest post today is by an effervescent creative entrepreneur who uses her voice, words, bright attitude, and social media platforms to connect with her audience.
First, a little bio pre-roll so you can get acquainted:

Careen Carlton has been a radio personality since 2000 and continues to be active in broadcasting with Radio-One, now known as Urban One Inc. operating 55 radio stations in the US.  She is also a published Author, placing her thoughts, wisdom and experience on paper.

Whether it’s here or abroad, Careen can be found having motivational lectures, helping and encouraging others on how to better themselves.


Careen Carlton is a frequent Speaker at special events and shows as the MC. She is a calculated risk taker with pronounced knowledge in a number of areas and embraces the core values of integrity, innovation and growth needed to self-develop.
She shares:

I see broadcasting as a form of helping everyone….

We hurt, we want knowledge, we want someone to share in our lives, and this is what I see broadcasting doing – helping people cope while disseminating information and being a part of people’s lives.

With social media, it makes it more immediate …and personal. With my show, #12TalkitOff no one is excluded, …and it does not create limits for me. Anyone can be a part of the show, promoting themselves, their community, their opinions, theories, etc.

Especially with #12TalkitOff, I want businesses and communities to get involved and use it as their sounding board and platform. They can let others know what they are offering, and at the same time, show at length its benefits.

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Being a part of my show is as easy as joining me on Instagram & Twitter, or follow me on facebook: cc.careencarlton. Becoming an integral partner of #12TalkitOff is equally easy and important. Simply email

Next show:
Monday, 830pm EST simultaneously on Instagram and FacebookI always say, sweat the small stuff. It makes baggage easier to throw.” ~ Careen


The Carlton Group LLC
Show: #12TalkitOff
Youtube: thec2project
ig, twitter: careencarlton
fb: cc.careencarlton






“Talk Show Host & Publishing Author shares on Broadcasting ~ {Guest post by: Careen Carlton}” first published here on ‘Joy within’ All photos compliments our featured guest.

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