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5 °C and out for a walk. Today, the sky is a soft grey. Some trees are holding onto their leaves for as long as they can before winter turns up the volume, and some trees look like stalks of fine thyme after you’ve raked fingers up along the stems to add every single leaf to a soup or stew. For some reason, it didn’t feel half as cold as it does when the temperature is much warmer than it this.

It was a short drive to the park where we decided to start the day’s walk, and hovering just above the vast watercolour grass was a huge blanket of fog that spread-out like an almost-see-through bed sheet all the way over to the river. Hmmm, it takes faith to walk through fog…and maybe wisdom to know when or if to or not. Things I think about on walks sometimes… Today, though the weather was foggy…that slow walk was beautiful and brought some clarity. Amidst that passing mist traveling over the powdery grass and the fact that it’s 5 °C, life by the river was still going on. It was much quieter and you could hear some of the goose crew every now and then, on the other side of the river where they usually go in the night. Some students in a kayaking lesson scrolled by then a shag bird and a couple swans flew by after a few cygnets landed like skilled waterplanes in front of us. People’s dogs were running and fetching things left and right and one was so hilarious, but ya had to be there to get the joke. The park was much more quiet than usual but so many things on that ‘little’ walk made me smile and breathe deeper, laugh out loud, take more purposeful steps or give thanks.

The sun was tucked behind thick grey clouds hugging one another so tight the light was muted…but thankfully still present. Apparently, watery places are magnets for fog in this kind of weather and the thick ominous cloudy type usually gathers around polluted places. This one was more of a distant scentless smoke…like chilled rose water mist on your face.

Some trees are holding onto the memory of autumn while others already made way for the changing of the seasons, and still in the midst of them are evergreen trees and bushes and lush fields and meadows sprinkled daily by the kiss of dew.

I’ve been in this park countless times but today, saw it differently – and technically when fog is around it’s harder to see. The walk was a lot shorter and muddier than planned and it was wonderful. Going somewhere beautiful (and enjoying it) doesn’t mean you need to have a big set of money or a whole chunk of time to spend – it doesn’t have to involve a bunch of activities to make you so dizzy you think you’re having ‘fun’ (whatever your definition of that is in these days.) Sometimes on walks there’s a phone around to take a photo or video here and there – other times not. If there was no pics or footage to collect or share that wouldn’t change the beauty of the day or gratitude level. After the walk, it was straight to the kitchen to make some Trini corn soup , edit a cooking video and then writing this post.

By the way, I wouldn’t advise any sister to go off into a forest or gully in fog, far less during the day just because they want to. We can be inspired by things that are not for us or meant to be in some seasons. This park is plonked between a main road and a river. Going for walks in creation can be refreshing but if you don’t get much time to go for them these days, hopefully this short video coming up shares some refreshment your way today.

fog by the riverside

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