Starting A New Garden, Mixing Hair Oils & Sewing Something | Video

Hey, how’s your day going so far sis? Hopefully not overwhelming and if it is, sending compassion your way. One of the lessons I’ve learned along the way is that life doesn’t need to seem glamorous to others (or us) to be precious. Sometimes, having everything handed to us without any effort stirs up a dependency for quick convenience and leaning towards ingratitude. Just an observation.

If you’ve endured and overcome a life storm before, you already know how valuable peace of mind is and that it can be enjoyed even in what seem like the most mundane everyday moments. But peace of mind is more precious than some of the most flashy things around town.

One of my favourite parts of doing the laundry

Today’s video shares some quiet time moments:

  • starting a new garden
  • mixing oils for naturally curly hair to sell at a market
  • sewing a bag from a pair of jeans
  • sitting on the sand watching the waves and feeding the birds

Hopefully you find something helpful, resourceful, inspiring or relaxing along the way.

Prayers and compassion for everyone in the middle of a crisis or trying time right now.

Growing Food At Home | Starting Steps & 8 Essentials

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shadon beni ~ Joyful Life | On Purpose

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