7 Peaceful Things To Do On A Tropical Rainy Day | Barbados

Rainy days can be so relaxing. Find so too? Not those power-washing, tree-grabbing showers that come with stormy weather, but the light yet present rain that cools an otherwise baking day. You know – the one with a breeze that makes you get up and go close the windows on one side of the house. Finally you get to wear your favourite sweater – without sweating.

Banana leaf

Rainy days in The Caribbean, especially when there’s no pressing work to take care of or outdoor errands at the moment can be rejuvenating. I like to write, draw or paint on those days or go outside in the rain and savour the drops playing percussion on face and shoulders. Those heavy rains make good outdoor showers too although I have to make sure and wrap my hair good after since there’s sometimes no sun to dry it for awhile after.

The same way rain is good for the earth and plants; it can be nourishing for us too. If you’ve ever enjoyed a rain shower while on a farm or in the garden on a hot day, you know it’s almost as physically refreshing as a river bath.

And so, I thought to share 7 peaceful things to do on a tropical rainy day. No digital gadget or chargers for this post. It’s as if some of us have a hard time remembering life before or without them. This is just you…enjoying the day…to the rhythm and melody of raindrops on the roof, window pane or paling (if you have one.) We’re not designed to be computers and tech that needs external electricity to be refreshed. We have internal electricity that’s mysteriously and mercifully compatible with water…with rain.

For anyone who faces mood dips when it’s cloudy outside, hopefully this post and these steps can inspire you to see a rainy day as an invitation to tend to you – without a rush. The things we do don’t bring joy in an of themselves. Still, how we make use of the time we’re gifted with makes a big difference to our quality of life and state of mind.

Alright, let’s get to those peaceful things you can do on a tropical rainy day.

1. Enjoy quiet time in thanksgiving or reading in the morning

2. Journal, draw, paint or sew something

3. Make a delicious bowl of healthy peppery soup or bake something

homemade squash and potato soup with spinach, fresh herbs, and curry spices

4. Play some inspirational rhythms or music – listen, sing or dance along

5. Make a hot drink and enjoy the aroma and every sip

6. Water the plants inside or in the garden

7. Study or tidy up a cupboard, a shelf, your desk, a room – some small area of the house

Other things you can do on a quiet rainy day are…simply enjoy the rain, observe the plants, the soil, any passing birds or “make a moment” out of your skin-and-hair-care regimen. Slow down the pace and treat yourself to an at-home facial or refreshing siesta. As I type this post, the sky is overcast – ready to rain again, and it looks like it’s island-wide and in parts over the huge watery carpet of sea. The cruise ships in the distant waters look like floating forms in the mist. Seedlings 🌱 in the garden are now vibrant and refreshed from a shower.

After the rain, when you open the window again, how about a few moments on the patio or in the garden to…

⁃ Observe how the plants and vegetation respond to refreshing rain

⁃ listen to birdsongs

⁃ Pick a few flowers or cuttings to decorate your desk in a glass or vase. If they’re edible 🌺 a tea from them would be lovely.

⁃ Take a deep breath and rest your mind for a moment

We don’t always get to take it slow on rainy days. Sometimes there’s a lot to do, but when you can, try to, and see how refreshing rainy days can be for you. Guess what. It just started softly raining again. I’m gonna go tend to one of these same peaceful things on the list right now.

Which sounds the most inviting to you to do when next it rains?

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    1. yesss, same here. Probably because the neighbourhood is mostly quietly on that day so it’s more peaceful; think so? And thanks for reading.

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