Tending To Your Wellness While Taking Care Of Business {Video}

When you think of your daily to-dos in terms of your wellness, what 3 things come to mind? Quiet time in The Word in the early morning? A jog to start the day? Hair-care? Sharing time with close loved ones? Tuning into your gifts and pouring them out in service? Living out your purpose? Being intentional about your thoughts?

Though our lives have different components, there are some daily basics we can relate to that make up our health and maintenance habits:

  • getting ready in the morning
  • making time to get the body moving
  • putting our brains to work
  • drinking water and enjoying meals
  • keeping a clean home and workspace
  • sharing a laugh with a friend
  • doing the laundry
  • carving out time to rest and be refreshed

life is an interactive experience where we do our best to find a healthy rhythm to Tend To Our Wellness While Taking Care Of Business

It’s healthy to carve out purposeful time to include wellness habits into the design of your day, whatever that looks like for you. It doesn’t have to demand massive amounts of time. Set a tempo and make a note to the include the things that refresh you or at the very least, invite deep breaths of gratitude and develop muscles and personal growth on some level. It’ll overflow.


Enjoy the aroma of your favourite scented candle while you read a few pages of that book.

Take some deep breaths at your desk for a few minutes and do a few neck rolls or foot rotations to ease any tension.

When washing your face and doing your hair, make slower more purposeful movements – don’t be rough with yourself.

Go for a hike and enjoy the beauty of creation.

Soak your feet while watching or listening to your favourite shows.

Drink more water on a daily whether you’re a fan or not.

your turn ………what does your wellness regime look like, and how are you inspired to turn up the volume in that area?

I don’t know what’s on your plate today, sis…and not every season is the same. I get that. This is just a reminder that you are more than a business.

A car can look sweet-as-eva from the outside and drive like a dream, but that ‘puppy’ is made up of several parts that are meticulously measured and positioned and work in harmony to make everything run smoothly. It takes maintenance.


Please don’t let any busyness override your wellness, because your health matters and it influences how you approach your business and serve your clients.

As someone who ran a 24hr vocal studio while travelling frequently and was the most unlikely person to work from home, I understand the lure and adrenaline of fast-paced-life, but ultimately it’s no comparison to concentrating on your quality of life.

Rolling our eyes at rest doesn’t make it any less valuable. It just means its value isn’t recognized and therefore the refreshment isn’t experienced or appreciated to the fullest.

Racing through life is like jabbering constantly without taking a breath. After a while, the point is lost even on the speaker.

Let’s be purposeful in our approach to each given day. I’m a work in progress too so helpful tips are welcome here.

On that note, make a note and take a step towards tending to your wellness while you take care of business because you are more than your career.

“Tending To Your Wellness While Taking Care Of Business” was first published on ‘Joy within’ blog
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